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Building the Perfect Cap

  1. Panels: Five or Six? Caps traditionally came in the six panel version with a seam in the center of the front of the cap. Five panel versions were created in the ‘90s to offer customers a large unobstructed decoration area.
  2. Profile: High or Low? Low profile caps are the more common profile and fit snugly to your head whereas high profile caps extend past the forehead. The trendier style that appeals to a younger audience is a high profile cap with a flat bill. High profile caps can also be paired with mesh backs for a trucker style cap.
  3. Bills: Flat or Curved? The shape of a cap’s bill seems like a small thing, but for those who wear them, the shape of the bill can make or break a cap. A standard bill or visor can be shaped by the wearer to fit their style, but the trendier flat bills need to be just that, flat. If you’re unsure of your audience’s preference it’s best to stay away from a flat bill.
  4. Closures: Fitted or Adjustable? Fitted or stretch-to-fit caps will give your cap a more professional/retail feel, but have the drawback of adding a sizing element to your promotional cap. For the simplicity of a one-size-fits all cap, choose an adjustable closure. Adjustable caps come in hook and loop (Velcro®), snap, and adjustable clasp closure options. The quality of your closure can greatly affect the cost, fit and perceived value of your cap.
  5. Structured or Unstructured? Structured caps have a stiffer, supportive fabric to help them hold their shape. This is the traditional style worn by professional ball players. Unstructured caps tend to be softer and more comfortable to wear.
  6. Imprint: Stitched or Inked? Embroidered caps have a professional/retail long-lasting look with good color options, but tend to be more expensive and can have be uncomfortable on unstructured caps. Screen printed caps tend to be less expensive, but the imprint may wear quicker and cannot be used for a full imprint on a six panel cap.
  7. Performance Materials? If comfort while performing physical activities is a must, then you may want to consider a mesh or moisture wicking material…

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